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Florida Commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in Florida

Commercial Insurance for Your Florida Business

Are you looking for protection for your business? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at JetStream Insurance Group LLC in Doral, FL, we work hard to make sure that you and your employees are protected along with all financial assets within your business. We are ready to help all companies in Florida. A commercial insurance policy has built-in security features that protect your business from damage, liability, and lawsuits.

State Laws

It is not a requirement for any business in Florida to obtain commercial insurance. However, any property or assets can only be covered through insurance. If you have any commercial vehicles for your business, Florida state law does require you to obtain commercial auto insurance. Per accident, you must have at least $10,000 for property damage liability. For injury protection, you must possess at least $10,000. If you use your personal vehicle for business, you should obtain insurance as well, even though no state law requires it. This is because most auto insurance policies do not include business use.


We offer the following insurance coverage for your business:

  • Professional liability coverage - protects all employees and covers any lawsuits that come from clients
  • General liability coverage - protects you from property damage and injuries
  • Cyber liability coverage - can assist your business in overcoming any cyber-attacks/data breaches
  • Business owner’s coverage policy - combines both property and general liability insurance
  • Worker’s compensation coverage - is required and protects injuries and illnesses

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If your business requires protection, please visit us today by visiting or calling our JetStream Insurance Group LLC office. Our agency office is located in Doral, FL, and we have a variety of business coverage policies that you can choose from to ensure that you have appropriate protection at all times.


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