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Florida Workers Compensation coverage

Workers Compensation in Florida

Headquartered in Doral, FL, JetStream Insurance Group LLC is an emerging company. JetStream Insurance offers different policies to people throughout Florida.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

According to Florida state law, businesses that have over four employees are obligated to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance covers people who are injured while they are at their place of employment. Workers’ compensation includes all of the medical bills, missed wages, and any rehabilitation expenses related to the person who was injured at their place of employment. In the unfortunate event that the person loses their life as a result of an injury, workers’ compensation could cover all of the expenses related to their death. Companies who carry workers’ compensation insurance avoid being held liable in a potential lawsuit by the injured party. Companies who fail to purchase workers’ compensation insurance also risk losing their ability to operate in Florida.

Finding the Right Workers’ Compensation Policy

JetStream Insurance Group, LLC works closely with its clients to help them find the best policy for their situation. Companies in Florida that are similar may be grouped into classes. The rates that companies have to pay for a policy are often based on the previous few years of total losses among all of the companies in the field. The current economic factors are another variable used to determine the coverage rate. However, companies that develop an extensive record of safe practices will have their premiums lowered over time.

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If you are an employer in the state of Florida, and you believe that you should have workers’ compensation benefits, stop by JetStream Insurance Group to receive a quote today! We are located in Doral, FL. JetStream Insurance Group is ready to answer your questions and help you get started.


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