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Florida Flood insurance coverage

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Flood Insurance in Florida

Living in Florida comes with a warm and vibrant beach lifestyle, especially for those residing in Doral, FL. There is one little drawback to living in this suburb of Miami, and that is the potential risk of flooding that has plagued Florida in the past. At JetStream Insurance Group LLC, we want all of our clients to have the coverage they need when it comes to water.


With Florida surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast and the Gulf on the Western side, the potential for hurricanes is all around. In the summer and fall months, the potential for one of these storms to take its fury out on the shore is possible, bringing wind and lots of rain. This rain has the potential to flood low-lying areas and cause extensive damage to your personal property.


In more recent years, Florida has seen a rise in flash flooding. This has come either as a result of a slow-moving hurricane or from a series of rain and thunderstorms that have given cities and communities more water than they can handle. Flash flooding deposits rain quickly and faster than the water can travel, causing it to flood areas and work its way into communities and homes that may not have had a flooding issue in the past. They overflow freshwater lakes and retention ponds in communities.

Why Flood Insurance is Important

Your home insurance policy will not cover any damage caused by water. Because flood damages are so extensive, most home insurance policies have a clause that states an additional flood policy is needed for water damage. You can supplement your home or business insurance with a flood insurance policy.

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Do not wait another day if you live in or around Doral, FL. Even if you do not live in a current flood zone, you will have the protection you need from JetStream Insurance Group LLC with this policy. Let our agents answer your questions and get you a quote.

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