Does Condo Insurance Cover Theft?

Your home in Miami Lakes, FL is safe from various risks if you chose to buy condo insurance from Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC. The policy comes to your rescue whenever theft occurs in your home. The insurance covers separate scenarios, for instance, when theft occurs inside your home or outside your home. It replaces your stolen valuables. To some extent, it pays for repair work in case damage occurred during the burglary. Different coverage policies may not cover all types of theft. Therefore, understanding what type of thefts that your condo insurance cover compensates is a wise move. Scroll down to grasp the basics. 

When To Expect Compensation After a Theft Has Occurred

Your valuables are safe from burglary if you own a standard homeowners policy. It covers scenarios such as pickpocketing and home breakages. However, find out if your insurance covers the Actual Cash Value or a Replacement Cost Value type. ACV works with the actual value when compensating for your stolen items. On the other hand, RCV reimburses you based on market value. Expensive equipment in your home comes with a reimbursement limit, depending on the insurance policy you are servicing.

What Coverage Limits Does Home Insurance Feature?

When purchasing your condo insurance policy, your agency will request you to write details of your family members for coverage. The list includes your spouse, your kids, and other people you may accommodate in your home. The policy covers personal valuables belonging to the people you have listed. However, the policy stops covering your kids if they move out after owning their homes. 

What Does the Policy State About Home Break-Ins?

Condo insurance covers break-ins and compensates for the losses you have incurred. The policy divides the subject into two, where the first includes loss of valuables during a theft. The category houses TVs, laptops, radios, DVDs, among others. The second category, damage, features breakages that occurred during a burglary in your home. It compensates for repair costs and replacements.

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