How Does Boat Insurance Protect Someone?

Have you purchased a boat recently in Miami Lakes, FL? This achievement is a massive investment that requires formidable protection. Owning a watercraft presents a magnificent way to spend time with friends and loved ones in Miami Lakes, FL waters. Regrettably, impending calamities like theft and hailstorms may expose your boat to these inherent risks. The most prolific way to be guaranteed safety in the water is to get boat insurance from Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC. Our charismatic agents will educate you on how to make an informed decision during the purchase of salient boat insurance. Keep reading to find out how boat insurance can protect someone.

Boat insurance can offer protection in versatile ways. Therefore, it’s prudent for any boat owner in Miami Lakes, FL, to buy boat insurance. These optional boat insurance coverage includes:

Boat liability insurance

This form of policy caters to sickness, lost wages, and bodily injury emanating from an accident. It caters to legal fees for any impending lawsuit that a third party has filed against you if you are deemed liable after an accident. This coverage also pays for damage to other boating vessels and other structures propagated by your boat.

Medical payments insurance

It reimburses costs for no-fault medical and funeral expenses arising from boating accidents and safeguards anyone boarding your boat in case of an accident.

Collision coverage

This policy pays for replacing or repairing your watercraft if it is physically damaged or collides with another boat or an impending stationary object like a rock outcrop.

Comprehensive coverage

It caters to the cost of repairing or replacing your boat after physical damage arising from non-collision events such as fire, hailstorm, and other falling objects.

Uninsured or underinsured boater coverage

Boat insurance is not mandatory in Florida, and many boaters cruise in waters without insurance or are inadequately covered. This form of coverage will cater to your injuries and those boarding your boat if you engage in an accident with a boater who is inadequately covered or isn’t covered at all.

Are you a boat owner in Miami Lakes, FL, searching for outstanding boat insurance to protect you and your precious investment? Please call or visit us at Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC and get more information about boat insurance.