Does Boat Insurance Cover Me if I Have an Accident in International Waters?

When you own an ocean-capable vessel like a sturdy sailboat or specialized fishing yacht, you might want to explore and take it where you want. And if you live in Miami Lakes, FL with your boat going out of one of Miami’s harbors, you have a lot of places to explore!

With the right boat and preparations, boaters from here can make it to Caribbean locations like the Bahamas in a day with the right weather conditions. However, one of the preparations you should consider before setting sail for such a voyage is whether or not your insurance policy will cover you in international waters.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Me in International Waters?

The short answer to this question is that most basic boating insurance policies will not cover you in international waters. For collision and comprehensive boating insurance in international waters, you will have to purchase an add-on international waters coverage policy, such as the type we offer here at Jet Stream Insurance Group, LLC.

The reason why most insurance policies won’t cover international waters is that most boats aren’t equipped to readily take on the challenges of open water. The risks are therefore too high for more insurers to readily take on. Thus, insurance for international waters tends to require policyholders to show proof of their vessel’s capabilities.

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The domestic and federal waters around Florida differ greatly from where they extend further up north where there is no close proximity to island nations like the Bahamas and Cuba. Generally, from Miami, you can go about three geographical miles from shore and still be covered by your boating insurance policy without special international clauses.

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