Will It Cost More To Insure My Electric Vehicle?

New types of vehicles are giving consumers more choices for their vehicles. Many of these vehicles have higher price tags than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, with more complex technologies, and, therefore, have higher insurance costs. At Jet Stream Insurance Group in Miami Lakes, FL, we can help you find the right auto insurance for your vehicle needs.

Factors That Affect Auto Insurance Premiums

When you get an auto insurance quote, many factors go into calculating your premium. The type of car you drive, your age, your driving experience, your credit history, your auto insurance history, your gender, and even your occupation can affect the price. Even where you live, your educational level and marital status play a part in the pricing. Generally, the insurance will look at how responsible you are, how stable your finances are, and how much risk is involved in your driving routine.

Electric Vehicles Are More Complex

Parts for electric vehicles cost more, which translates into higher premium rates. Electric batteries for these vehicles are quite expensive, so replacing a damaged battery represents a significant loss to the insurance company. Repair centers for electric vehicles are not yet widespread, so prices for these services are higher than for traditional vehicles. So, your auto insurance may be somewhat higher than for a gas-powered vehicle, depending on the type of car.

Choose Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC for your Auto Insurance Needs

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