24/7 Boat and Watercraft Insurance Coverage: The Different Scenarios

Boat and watercraft insurance protects your investment while on the water around Miami Lakes, FL. Understanding its coverage in various scenarios is crucial for all boat owners.

It is not set in stone that you can only receive one coverage type. Different policies exist to insure almost all our property, even our water toys. Exploring these options can give you insight into the best ways the underwriting process can cater to your needs for the ultimate protection of your water sports assets. 

Coverage of the Water

Boat insurance offers coverage while your vessel is on the water. This coverage protects against damages from accidents, collisions, or natural disasters such as storms or sinking. It extends to the boat and any attached equipment, such as motors, sails, and trailers.

Coverage on Land

Even when not used, boats can get caught up in mishaps like theft or vandalism while stored on land. Boat insurance covers these scenarios, reimbursing the bill if something happens to the boat while on land. Check with the insurance provider for verification. 

Coverage During Transit

Transporting your boat on the road carries inherent risks, such as accidents, theft, or damage during transit. Boat insurance policies often cover these situations, ensuring your vessel is protected while transported to and from the water.

Liability Coverage

Boat insurance also encompasses liability coverage, protecting you financially if your boat or watercraft causes injury or property damage during operation. This coverage pays for doctor and medical bills, legal and litigation fees, and other expenses resulting from a liability claim.

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Does Boat Insurance Cover Me if I Have an Accident in International Waters?

When you own an ocean-capable vessel like a sturdy sailboat or specialized fishing yacht, you might want to explore and take it where you want. And if you live in Miami Lakes, FL with your boat going out of one of Miami’s harbors, you have a lot of places to explore!

With the right boat and preparations, boaters from here can make it to Caribbean locations like the Bahamas in a day with the right weather conditions. However, one of the preparations you should consider before setting sail for such a voyage is whether or not your insurance policy will cover you in international waters.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Me in International Waters?

The short answer to this question is that most basic boating insurance policies will not cover you in international waters. For collision and comprehensive boating insurance in international waters, you will have to purchase an add-on international waters coverage policy, such as the type we offer here at Jet Stream Insurance Group, LLC.

The reason why most insurance policies won’t cover international waters is that most boats aren’t equipped to readily take on the challenges of open water. The risks are therefore too high for more insurers to readily take on. Thus, insurance for international waters tends to require policyholders to show proof of their vessel’s capabilities.

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The domestic and federal waters around Florida differ greatly from where they extend further up north where there is no close proximity to island nations like the Bahamas and Cuba. Generally, from Miami, you can go about three geographical miles from shore and still be covered by your boating insurance policy without special international clauses.

Learn more about this and what’s covered by contacting our in Miami Lakes, FL team at Jet Stream Insurance Group, LLC. 

Risks That You Face if You Do Not Have Boat Insurance

It is not required for boat owners in the state of Florida to have boat insurance. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people owning boats and watercraft in the Sunshine State decide not to spend money on insurance and leave their vessels unprotected. If you are one of them, you should understand how risky it is. Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC in Miami Lakes, FL can help you navigate this vital coverage.

Here is a list of risks you may face if you decide to skip boat insurance and operate your boat without it: 

What Are The Risks Of Not Having Proper Boat Insurance?

  • You will be paying for all of the damages and repairs. If something happens to your vessel and it gets damaged, for example, you will have to carry all the expenses and pay them out of your pocket. 
  • Medical expenses will not be covered. If you or your passengers get injured in a boating accident, you will also have to pay for them. If you have health insurance, it may cover something, but you will not have the extra coverage that boat insurance policies provide. 
  • You will be liable for personal injury and/or property damage caused to others. Even minor accidents can cost you a lot – thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. 

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How Does Boat Insurance Protect Someone?

Have you purchased a boat recently in Miami Lakes, FL? This achievement is a massive investment that requires formidable protection. Owning a watercraft presents a magnificent way to spend time with friends and loved ones in Miami Lakes, FL waters. Regrettably, impending calamities like theft and hailstorms may expose your boat to these inherent risks. The most prolific way to be guaranteed safety in the water is to get boat insurance from Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC. Our charismatic agents will educate you on how to make an informed decision during the purchase of salient boat insurance. Keep reading to find out how boat insurance can protect someone.

Boat insurance can offer protection in versatile ways. Therefore, it’s prudent for any boat owner in Miami Lakes, FL, to buy boat insurance. These optional boat insurance coverage includes:

Boat liability insurance

This form of policy caters to sickness, lost wages, and bodily injury emanating from an accident. It caters to legal fees for any impending lawsuit that a third party has filed against you if you are deemed liable after an accident. This coverage also pays for damage to other boating vessels and other structures propagated by your boat.

Medical payments insurance

It reimburses costs for no-fault medical and funeral expenses arising from boating accidents and safeguards anyone boarding your boat in case of an accident.

Collision coverage

This policy pays for replacing or repairing your watercraft if it is physically damaged or collides with another boat or an impending stationary object like a rock outcrop.

Comprehensive coverage

It caters to the cost of repairing or replacing your boat after physical damage arising from non-collision events such as fire, hailstorm, and other falling objects.

Uninsured or underinsured boater coverage

Boat insurance is not mandatory in Florida, and many boaters cruise in waters without insurance or are inadequately covered. This form of coverage will cater to your injuries and those boarding your boat if you engage in an accident with a boater who is inadequately covered or isn’t covered at all.

Are you a boat owner in Miami Lakes, FL, searching for outstanding boat insurance to protect you and your precious investment? Please call or visit us at Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC and get more information about boat insurance.

Can Boat Insurance Make You Safer on the Water?

You might think that boat insurance might have little to do with water safety in Miami Lakes, FL. After all, safety is about having the right plan in place in case of an emergency and about taking preventative measures whenever possible. Insurance is just a contract full of legal terms. But there might be a connection that you’re missing here, and Jet Stream Insurance Group, LLC is here to help you understand more about the link between the two. 

The Right Resources 

Boat and watercraft insurance is there to help you take care of any issues quickly. If there’s a minor accident that damages your vessel and you don’t have insurance, you might be inclined to put off having the repairs done. But this is a major mistake that can lead to drastic consequences. Not only can this ruin your boat over time, but it can also lead to a malfunction on the water that puts everyone in danger. For example, if there’s a small hole in the side of the boat above the water, it can enlarge over time to eventually compromise the stability of the whole structure. 

The Right Peace of Mind 

From accident coverage to more liability, having enough protection on a boat makes everyone safer. A good boat insurance policy in Miami Lakes, FL can mean the difference between excellent medical coverage for injuries and no coverage at all. Jet Stream Insurance Group, LLC wants to help you find the terms that will keep you feeling confident when you’re on the water. Whether you go out on your own or you have big parties every weekend, we know how important it is to put safety first. Give us a call today to see what we can do to help you.