Is Your Property Up To Code?

If you are a business owner looking to reside around the Miami Lakes, FL area, then chances are you have considered an older building as your commercial property. Before starting to operate, you must pass inspections with local code ordinances. Ensure you pass these codes with the following maintenance practices, no matter which building you are leasing/purchasing. 

Have the Wiring Updated

Most of the older buildings in this area have not undergone a full electrical upgrade. Safety and productivity need to have the building rewired to match current codes and the needs of your business. Older systems were not as safe and did not have as much power as newer systems. When these buildings are rewired, your electrician will follow the most recent set of ordinances at the city and county levels.

Add Railings to the Property

Anywhere you have steps or stairs inside and outside the building, you need to ensure secure and not broken railings. These allow guests and employees to travel safely and avoid any liability claims that could come your way. Regular maintenance on these railings will ensure they are secure and not falling. 

Pave Your Parking Lot

Businesses today are required to have an outline for parking, and it must be paved, painted, and secured before the business can open. Many older buildings have gravel lots that need to be paved and marked with the appropriate measurements for each car. For safety reasons, ensure you have handicapped parking and a loading area for this parking. 

If you are a business owner in the Miami Lakes, FL area and want to renew or purchase commercial insurance, our Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC team is ready to assist you with a quote today. 

Just Have a New Child? What to Do With Your Home Insurance

Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC provides Miami Lakes, FL, residents with a broad range of support options to improve their home protection. For example, adding your new baby to a home insurance policy can ensure that protection is as broad as possible for your family’s needs.

You Must Extend the Policy to Your Child 

When you bring a new child into your home, it’s critical to ensure your insurance company knows. Letting them add your child to your policy can ensure that it fully extends to your little one and ensures that they get the support necessary to stay safe. 

It should also bring a little peace of mind to you and your family. Just think about it: if you know that your child is protected, you’ll likely sleep a little better at night. That’s the kind of relaxation you deserve and an important step to make your family happy and comfortable.

Why It’s Important to Take This Step 

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to protect a home’s dwelling, its content, and various liability issues. If you don’t extend their protection to your baby specifically, there’s a real risk that your insurance might not cover anything that happens to them. 

Furthermore, it’s a legal necessity to take this step, and failing to do so could actually cause real financial and legal problems. Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to adjust your policy, so make sure that you reach out to a high-quality insurance team to get the best support possible for your needs. 

Reach Out to Us Today 

Talk to our Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC team in Miami Lakes, FL, to get the help you need. We’ll adjust your policy to suit your child’s needs and ensure you’re covered. It’s essential to take these steps seriously to ensure your little one gets the help they need.

Protecting Your Florida Home With the Right Coverage

Living in a home of your own is something to be proud of. But no matter how much care and attention you put into it, accidents and damage can still happen. That’s why homeowners in Miami Lakes, FL should invest in home insurance for their peace of mind.

What Is Home Insurance? 

Home insurance protects your property from unexpected thefts or natural disasters like hurricanes or floods. It usually covers the following items: 

• The structure of your home 

• Your belongings that are inside the home 

• Any additional structures on your property, such as a shed or fence 

• Liability protection in case someone is injured while on your property  

Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC can help you find the perfect home insurance policy that fits your needs and budget.

Why Do You Need It? 

A good home insurance policy lets you know that you won’t have to bear the entire financial burden if anything happens to your home or its contents. Without a good policy, you could spend thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to repair damage or replace lost items.  

What Are Your Options?

Depending on where you live, certain types of coverage will be required by law (such as windstorm coverage). But there are also many other types of coverage available so that you can customize your policy to fit your needs. These may include coverage for personal liability protection, medical payments, theft/vandalism protection, and more.

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Having the right coverage is essential when protecting your Miami Lakes, FL home from unexpected events. The experienced team at Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC can help guide you through the process to get the best possible policy for your specific needs and budget. Contact us today for more information!

Top Five Reasons to Get Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. It protects your home and your belongings in case of a fire, theft, or other insured disasters. Here are the top five reasons to get homeowner’s insurance today.

1. Loss of Use Coverage

When your home is damaged or destroyed, homeowner’s insurance provides additional living expenses in the immediate aftermath. This coverage typically kicks in if your house is unlivable due to a covered loss, and it pays for hotel bills, eating out, clothing costs, toiletries, etc.

2. Peace of Mind

You can never be too prepared for the unexpected. With homeowner’s insurance, you get peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if anything happens to your home or belongings.

3. Coverage for Your Belongings

You worked hard to accumulate the things you have in your home, and they’re probably worth a lot of money. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover theft or damage to most of your belongings, up to a certain dollar amount. If you need additional coverage for anything extra special, consider increasing your policy limits.

4. Personal Liability

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for any accidents in or around your home. This liability coverage pays for injuries to other people on your property. For example, if a guest trips and falls on your steps, homeowner’s insurance would cover the medical costs.

5. Less Expensive Than You Think

The benefits of homeowner’s insurance far outweigh the costs. In most cases, you’ll continue paying an affordable monthly premium to keep this policy in place. The money you’ll save and the protection you’ll get in return make it well worth your while. Don’t wait any longer to invest in homeowner’s insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance is something you can never dismiss because it provides many benefits and helps protect you and your finances. Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC can help you find the right coverage for your specific needs in Miami Lakes, FL. Call us today to learn more.

Basic Facts To Remember While Researching Home Insurance

Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC serves the Miami Lakes, FL community. We offer our clients multiple policies to help them protect what matters most. Our first-class customer service is vital to us. We have positive relationships with several carriers throughout Florida to help ensure that you find a policy that suits your individual needs.

Basic Home Insurance Facts

Home insurance offers protection against different risks. The policy covers any property damage, as well as your personal items inside your home. Here are some basic facts to remember while you research home insurance for your Miami Lakes, FL property.

Understanding Your Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is a significant part of your home insurance policy. You are covered if you invite guests over and someone gets injured. Liability coverage also protects you if you cause damage to someone else’s property. You are covered if you are working on a landscaping project, and you cut down a tree that lands on your neighbor’s property.

Personal Items

Your personal items are covered if someone breaks into your home and steals or vandalizes your possessions. However, you will have to amend your policy if you have any luxury items inside your home, such as jewelry or fur. That is the only way to ensure that these special items are fully covered.

Maintenance Matters

Even though you have home insurance, it’s important that you take care of your property. If your property suffers erosion due to poor maintenance, you will not be covered for those damages.

Emergency Repairs

If your home needs emergency repairs, you can add temporary lodging coverage to your policy so that you will be covered as you find another place to stay until your home is repaired.

Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC Will Help You Protect What Matters Most

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How Can Home Insurance Protect Your Belongings?

When you buy home insurance, you’re protecting more than the physical structure of your home. Depending on the coverage you choose, you can also protect your belongings. Find out more from a qualified agent at Jet Stream Insurance Group, LLC in Miami Lakes, FL. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about using home insurance to safeguard your hard-earned personal property. 

What Is Personal Property Coverage?

Personal property coverage is a subset of home insurance. It reimburses you if your home is burglarized or damaged from a covered event. Do you wonder what’s covered? Anything from clothes and electronics to the trampoline in your backyard may be included. Be sure to go over your options carefully with your insurance agent so that you can make the right choices and protect your prized possessions.

How Does It Work?

If you file a claim for a covered event, you may be subject to a deductible. The insurance company reimburses you for damages or stolen personal belongings up to the coverage limit. Typically, it covers the stuff in your garage, home, and items in your vehicle or hotel room while you travel. Personal property coverage handles events such as fire, wind damage, and theft.

Some things aren’t covered, including a fuse shortage that destroys your TV. However, you can purchase a home warranty to supplement your home insurance coverage for unexpected electrical surges and related events. 

Types of Belongings Covered

Here are some of the items covered by your home insurance policy: 

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • TVs
  • Clothing
  • Rugs
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Bikes
  • Trampolines
  • Lawn care equipment

Find Home Insurance in Florida

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