Why You Need Renters Insurance

Renters have specific needs when it comes to insurance. They don’t need a policy that is like home or condo insurance. Those policies pay for damage done to a dwelling because those policies are used by the property owners. Renters don’t have to carry an insurance policy that covers the dwelling since they don’t own it. Instead, there are other types of coverages they need that are all in a renters’ policy.

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Why Renters Insurance?

Possessions Coverage

Your dwelling may not need your protection, but your possessions certainly do. It’s likely that most of what you own is inside your rented home, and all of those items need to be protected. With renters’ insurance, all of your belongings that are inside your home are covered under the policy. This provides for your items to be replaced by insurance when you have an event that damages them. Covered events include a wide range of occurrences like certain accidents, calamities, and disasters. 

Liability Coverage

When you have a rented home, you’re responsible if anyone should have an accident there. If someone came into your home and had an accident with injuries there, you would be liable for a number of their expenses, including medical bills. You need to have liability coverage in case this happens. There are a number of types of liability that can put you at risk financially when you’re a renter, and renters’ insurance can cover you against these to safeguard your finances against lawsuits. 

Get Your Renters Insurance Policy

When you’re renting, you need to have this coverage because of the many risks you’re vulnerable to. To get your renters’ policy, call us at Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC in Miami Lakes, FL.