Is Your Property Up To Code?

If you are a business owner looking to reside around the Miami Lakes, FL area, then chances are you have considered an older building as your commercial property. Before starting to operate, you must pass inspections with local code ordinances. Ensure you pass these codes with the following maintenance practices, no matter which building you are leasing/purchasing. 

Have the Wiring Updated

Most of the older buildings in this area have not undergone a full electrical upgrade. Safety and productivity need to have the building rewired to match current codes and the needs of your business. Older systems were not as safe and did not have as much power as newer systems. When these buildings are rewired, your electrician will follow the most recent set of ordinances at the city and county levels.

Add Railings to the Property

Anywhere you have steps or stairs inside and outside the building, you need to ensure secure and not broken railings. These allow guests and employees to travel safely and avoid any liability claims that could come your way. Regular maintenance on these railings will ensure they are secure and not falling. 

Pave Your Parking Lot

Businesses today are required to have an outline for parking, and it must be paved, painted, and secured before the business can open. Many older buildings have gravel lots that need to be paved and marked with the appropriate measurements for each car. For safety reasons, ensure you have handicapped parking and a loading area for this parking. 

If you are a business owner in the Miami Lakes, FL area and want to renew or purchase commercial insurance, our Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC team is ready to assist you with a quote today.