What are the different types of commercial insurance available?

When it comes to protecting your business, commercial insurance is a must-have. There are many different types of commercial insurance policies available for Miami Lakes, FL area businesses at Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC, depending on the size and type of business you operate.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common types: 

Property Insurance:

This type of insurance covers any physical property owned or rented by your business, including buildings, furniture, equipment, inventory, and more. It can protect against losses due to theft, vandalism, fires, and other property damage. 

General Liability Insurance:

Also known as “slip and fall” coverage, general liability insurance protects against financial losses from personal injury claims or property damage claims brought by customers or other third parties. This type of policy also helps cover legal fees in the event that you’re sued over such an incident. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

While not required in all states, workers’ compensation insurance is essential for businesses with employees who could be injured on the job. This policy provides benefits such as medical care and lost wages to those injured in the course of their employment with your company. 

Vehicle Insurance:

If your business uses vehicles in its operations – whether they’re owned or leased – vehicle insurance is necessary to cover any accidents that may occur while they are being operated. This policy can also protect against physical damage to any vehicles used in your business activities. 

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These are just some of the different types of commercial insurance policies available to businesses today. To ensure that your company is fully protected from potential risks, speak with an experienced broker about which policies will best meet your needs. For more information, call us at Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC today. We proudly serve the Miami Lakes, FL area.

3 Elements of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is essential for any Miami Lakes, FL business owner. No matter the size or scale of your business, it’s vital to protect your investment. While there are many forms of commercial insurance, each designed to shield a company against unique risks, the following three are nearly universally useful. Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC is here to help you understand the protection your business needs. 

General Liability 

If your business injures someone or something in a way you are legally liable for, general liability insurance pays the awarded settlements up to policy limits. An umbrella policy can cover expenses that exceed these limits. 

This covers:

  • Third-party bodily injury and related medical bills
  • Third-party property damage
  • Advertising injury (libel, slander, copyright infringement, and similar)
  • Defense costs and legal fees related to the claim

Commercial Property 

Storms, fires, theft, burglary, and vandalism are risks that every business faces. These unanticipated events can damage the structure your company operates in and the equipment, inventory, furniture, and other essential property. Usually, you can choose between replacement cost or actual cash value policy coverage. The best way to decide which option works for your situation is to have your property professionally appraised and then work with your agent. 

It’s important to note that flooding typically requires a separate policy. 

Worker’s Compensation

Your labor pool represents both an asset and a risk pool. If a worker is injured on the job, worker’s compensation will pay their medical bills and some portion of lost wages, no matter where the fault lies. Florida also requires it if you have four or more employees, full or part-time.  

Call Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC today to discuss your Miami Lakes, FL business insurance policy. A professional agent will review your existing policy and business to ensure you have the commercial coverage you need.  

Who needs to get commercial insurance?

When you are a business owner in the Miami Lakes, FL area, you will have a lot of different opportunities for success. While this part of Florida can be great for those who want to build a company, some risks come with running a business. Anyone that is going to run a company here needs to get proper insurance for it. There are several situations when having commercial insurance will be necessary for a business.

When Trying to Protect Business Investment 

When someone wants to find commercial insurance for their company, they are trying to protect their business investment. A business owner needs to be aware of the risks that they will take on when starting and running a company. These include the risks of having assets stolen or damaged or being named in a liability claim. Fortunately, commercial insurance can mitigate many of these risks and even keep your organization solvent during some difficult times. 

When Entering into Business Agreements

A business may also need a commercial insurance plan when they enter into certain agreements. If you have decided to start a company and need to take out a loan or raise outside money, you will likely have insurance requirements that need to be met. With a full commercial insurance plan, you can meet these requirements. 

A Miami Lakes, FL business needs to spend time carefully assessing their commercial insurance needs. As you are looking for a new plan in this area, it would be helpful to call Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC. Many factors need to be considered when shopping for insurance coverage, and the team at Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC can help ensure you choose the best plan for your situation. 

How Can Commercial Insurance Protect Your Business?

If you own a business in Miami Lakes, FL, you probably rely on it to provide for your family and employees. However, sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. For those times, commercial insurance can protect the business you have worked so hard to build. Jet Stream Insurance Group, LLC agents are available to discuss the type of commercial coverage that might work best for your company.

Types of Commercial Business Coverage

To get you started, here are some standard options to cover your business. 

Business Property Insurance

Commercial insurance includes property insurance for the space you own, lease, or rent. It covers buildings, inventory, equipment, and other items indicated in the policy. Sometimes, it includes accounts receivable and loss of important papers.

Business Liability Insurance

Ask your insurance agent for guidance to determine how much liability protection you need. This type of coverage pays for bodily injury or property damage. It may also cover the cost of defense if you are sued.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation covers employees for illnesses and injuries. It may pay for lost wages, medical care, and expenses related to lost work time due to a job-related accident or illness. It might also provide a financial benefit to a deceased workers’ family. If relevant, it also helps you pay legal costs associated with a workers’ compensation claim.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance suits transportation-dependent businesses with company vehicles. It can even protect your personal car that you use for business.

Commercial Insurance in Florida

Contact Jet Stream Insurance Group, LLC in Miami Lakes, FL to set up an appointment for a free quote and to discuss the best way to protect your company with business insurance. Every organization has different needs, but our knowledgeable agents specialize in setting up businesses in Florida with reliable insurers.