Understanding Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Types

Motorcycle insurance refers to a specific type of coverage designed to offer financial protection for motorcycle owners and riders should they be involved in an accident, theft, or another covered incident involving their motorcycle. For additional information regarding motorcycle insurance for riders in and around Miami Lakes, FL, contact Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC today.

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Similar to car insurance, motorcycle insurance provides coverage for various risks and liabilities that can happen when operating or owning a motorcycle.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is typically mandatory. It offers coverage for another’s bodily injury and property damage if you’re at fault in a motorcycle accident.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage reimburses insured individuals for motorcycle repairs, independent of who is at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage offers financial protection (for repairs/replacement) when and if the motorcycle is damaged from a non-collision incident which may include –

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Natural Disasters
  • Falling Objects, to name a few.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If involved in an accident with an underinsured driver or without insurance, this covers lost wages, medical costs, property damage, etc.

Medical Payments Coverage

This coverage helps to pay medical expenses for you/your passengers after an accident, despite who caused the accident. Personal Injury Protection is similar and offers more extensive coverage.

Additional coverage is available for motorcycle owners and riders as follows –

  • Accessory Coverage.
  • Roadside Assistance Coverage.
  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage.
  • Gap Insurance – If you owe more on a bike loan than its market value – if totaled, gap insurance pays the difference.  

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