What Types of Perils Does Flood Insurance Not Cover?

Miami Lakes, FL residents can benefit from purchasing flood insurance when residing in low-lying areas, and most government-backed lenders will require this indemnification when living in a flood plane.

Flood Insurance Exclusions

Flooding is defined as water that first touches the ground before entering your property on land that is generally not wet, and that exceeds a space of two acres or more. This does not apply to leaky roofs, for example, that can create situations involving mold, mildew, or rot.

Your flood insurance will generally not extend to plumbing problems, such as burst pipes or major leaks. Your Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC representative can go into greater detail as to which scenarios would be covered. 

After a flood event, the ground will often settle and can threaten the integrity of the structure at its foundation. Though this can wreak havoc, this occurrence is generally considered the movement of the earth and is usually beyond the scope of what your flood insurance coverage will entail. 

You may also incur additional costs related to relocation, and these will typically be out of pocket for you. If your property becomes uninhabitable while it undergoes repairs, you may need to spend money moving and securing another domicile on a temporary basis. 

If your home is the location of your business, you may experience interrupted income potential, another consequence of the flooding event but one that generally falls outside the purview of your indemnification. Damage to outdoor structures may also be your responsibility. 

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