Flood Insurance After Serious Rain: How It Helps?

Heavy rains in Miami Lakes, FL are not uncommon, particularly in hurricanes. Thankfully, a good flood insurance policy from Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC will help you stay solvent and avoid financial issues.

How Insurance Will Help

If your home is heavily affected by a sudden influx of rain, your flood policy will help cover many elements of your home. Understanding these will help ensure that you have the best coverage possible. You’ll get help with:

  • Repairing damage caused directly to the building
  • Help with repair foundation
  • Fixes for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems
  • Replacement for various kitchen appliances
  • Repair and replacement of permanent carpets, shelves, and cabinets

Some homeowners may also want to consider content coverage on their policy. This option helps to cover various things like curtains, computers, clothing, and other items within your home. It may even cover certain types of art and artwork.

What Insurance Can’t Cover

While a good flood insurance policy will cover much of the damage that may occur after heavy rains, there are some things that it won’t pay. These exceptions are common to many policies and providers, though they may vary. These non-covered items include:

  • Anything located outside the building (decks, swimming pools, etc.)
  • Temporary housing needs
  • Business interruption if you work from home
  • Limited coverage for basements and crawlspaces

Your policy will vary according to your insurer. Some may provide more extensive payment options that help to minimize how much you lose. Others may have a line-by-line adjustment that makes your policy more specific to your needs.

Get Help Today

Please call us at Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC to get the flood insurance you want. We serve Miami Lakes, FL, and the surrounding area and work hard to satisfy your needs.