Risks That You Face if You Do Not Have Boat Insurance

It is not required for boat owners in the state of Florida to have boat insurance. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people owning boats and watercraft in the Sunshine State decide not to spend money on insurance and leave their vessels unprotected. If you are one of them, you should understand how risky it is. Jet Stream Insurance Group LLC in Miami Lakes, FL can help you navigate this vital coverage.

Here is a list of risks you may face if you decide to skip boat insurance and operate your boat without it: 

What Are The Risks Of Not Having Proper Boat Insurance?

  • You will be paying for all of the damages and repairs. If something happens to your vessel and it gets damaged, for example, you will have to carry all the expenses and pay them out of your pocket. 
  • Medical expenses will not be covered. If you or your passengers get injured in a boating accident, you will also have to pay for them. If you have health insurance, it may cover something, but you will not have the extra coverage that boat insurance policies provide. 
  • You will be liable for personal injury and/or property damage caused to others. Even minor accidents can cost you a lot – thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. 

Get Boat Insurance today

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